Project Description

Project Brief

Crazy Outlet is a local household applience national outlet. This was made as a conceptual new time of outlets in Republic of Moldova. The one that would break the steriotype and finally offer a good applience at an affordable price. The entire brand was built upon the client. It is supposed to catch him by warm, actual and emotional yellow-black design. The entire brandbook ib built around yellow, black and white variations.


Crazy Outlet

CRAZY OUYLET Design Samples

Skills Needed

This project started with the very beginning. Main skills needed for the project are good strategic planning, innovative marketing and good communication skills in sales.

Project Planning 98%
Branding 90%
SMM / SEO 80%
Sales skills 100%

Strong Brand

The whole brand was built around the idea of an accessible household appliance at an affordable price. It is supposed to become national network with its sale houses in the main towns of the Rep. of Moldova. Main target is 20-55 y.o., men/wemen mostly searching fot the goods on the web. That’s why the main marketing strategy was build on the web spots and ads. Main goal is to set up 30% of the online sales in 2017.

Crazy Outlet

Excellent Results

Its chosen marketing strategy showed its high results already within first days of sales. The opening was chosen to be the international Black Friday Weekend. The first quarter ended up with the achievement of all the sales goals.  The main target for the 2017 is to extend Crazy Outlet network up to 10 stores.