Project Description

The largest fitness clubs network in the Republic of Moldova

Fitness Doza is considered to be the largest fitness network in the Republic of Moldova. During our collaboration for almost 4 years we did a lot of brand new stuff – full service marketing based on the online/digital and offline promotion, refreshing of the logo, developing new visual style and branded materials, new website based on modern lead generation methods, events management and collaborations with business partners.

Fitness Doza


The goals of the new website were to set up an easy and secure lead generation for the further sales as well as a clear information about the network services.


The total ammount of new subscribers grew up from 1.400 to almost 10.000. Facebook is still considered one of the main platforms for the further sales.

Sports Events & Seminars

There were organized over 30 sports events and seminars for the amateurs and pro’s – fitness events, triathlon, running, swimming, health and so on.

Tons of design productions

During 4 years of collaboration, there were created lots of design stuff for all the online and offline promotions. As well as the printing services.


Fitness Doza

The healthiest collab.

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